Monday, April 6, 2009

Listen to the Moral Silence

After a short period working as a broker for one of the premier investment firms in the world it became clear to me there were essence two levels of investment recommendation. It was not buy and sell, it was buy and silence. When I stopped hearing the drum beat of "buy!" I assumed it was time to sell the investment in question. Eventually when I left the company, I described my time there as being the driver of the getaway car for the Pope. I had gone to the company proud to be associated with the most elite and powerful investment house in the industry. I left aghast and cynical and swore to speak truth to power.

I believe there are great opportunities for investments ahead as always. To understand the truth is be to be armed to profit. A damning interview about the banking system and the fraud implicit on this week's Bill Moyer's Journal is another clarion call for trust but verify.

John Barnyak