Thursday, March 5, 2009

Things that can't happen already have

We must be near a bottom. Comedy is closer to truth than news.

Laugh or weep...the choice is not clear.

Today the financial foundations of the U.S. economy look a little frayed.

Here’s a short list of only the highest quality, bluest of blue chip, penny stocks:

AIG (39 cents)
Citigroup (98 cents)
E*Trade (66 cents)
Fannie Mae (39 cents)
Freddie (39 cents)
Unisys (37 cents)
Given the trading volumes, you might think these were real firms or something!

Now, for the not-quite-penny stocks:

Ford ($1.83)
GM ($1.83)
Las Vegas Sands ($1.97)
MGM ($1.99)
CIT ($2)
Kodak ($2.50)
Bank of America ($3.15)
New York Times ($4.00)
News Corp ($6.15)
Xerox ($4.36)
International Paper ($4.22)
Alcoa ($5.55)
GE ($6.75)
Dow Chemical ($6.56)
Wells Fargo ($7.95)
Dell ($8.50)
It looks like American Express ($10.83) is one of the few double digit stocks . . .

John Barnyak