Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is in the Air

For all the wailing I heard yesterday in the congressional finance committee hearing there is one theme that is growing stronger. In the press, the blogosphere and now Capital Hill, I hear the increasing comfort with cutting bait. We rushed to war first in Iraq and then on Wall Street. Over the weekend, tone deafness seems to be the malady of choice with the masters of the universe.

There is a certain Keystone Cop quality to the daily sound bites and press briefings as each political party plays "gotcha." There is so much blame to go around one hopes that a adult will show up and sort out the kids.

I expect that eventually, as unemployment crests ten percent political pressure should mount to the point where members of congress will feel the risk of taking strong action will finally be less than passivity. Zombie banks on life support should end and I hear increasing calls to do just that. It feels increasingly like domestic blackmail. If you leave me, you'll be sorry. It's time to pull the plug and walk out the door.

John Barnyak