Friday, October 17, 2008


Among the last people listened to in the midst of investment happy talk are the academics and economists who look at economies and markets with dispassionate and skeptical eyes. It is not until their always early analysis bears fruit do they become the darlings of the media.

Noriel Roubini, Nassma Taleb, Gary Shilling are all academic economists and financial analysts. The dry arcane analysis got it right long ago. The popular gadabouts trotted out with their selective proof of events will slip beneath the waves as they always do. Jerry Bowyer who appears in the last youtube video with Mr. Shilling is a hack, but its amusing to look back on the certainty that the hack had.

Past these links in your browser to listen to some intriguing takes on the market today. The third, Gary Shilling, from early in the year is particularly prescient.

John Barnyak